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Week 10 Essay
The LoTi Framework and My Ability to Integrate
Technology into Music Education

    Technology continually changes in our high paced society, and at times it seems impossible to "keep up" with the latest trend.  My life has allowed me to take part in various technological activities such as web design, amateur graphic design, professional recording, and the use of various professional software applications.  My goal for this course, as with any, is to advance my knowledge on the material covered, in this case technology, which will make my resume all the more marketable.  

    After reviewing the LoTi web page, by Dr. Christopher Moersch, I believe my capabilities to lie between 4a and 4b.  I feel beyond confident in designing handouts, tests, and packets by using word processing software.  I feel I possess the knowledge to technology student-based exploratory learning.  I feel capable to aide students with digital presentations, by encouraging their own dabbling with various technological software’s and devices.  I believe myself to be a quick learner when it comes to technology.  I generally figure things out on my own, through a personal trial and error session, however often I need to read the manual or be shown the correct "shortcuts" in the program.
    Overall, I feel I have a good start in my technological experiences, however there is much room for growth.  I would love to leave the technology portion of this course functioning at a LoTi level of 5 or 6. 

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