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Adam P. Haines

Welcome to my digital portfolio!  This webpage not only demonstrates my technology skills, but also provides a comprehensive list of my qualitifications.  All files linked to this site are printable PDF files.  Background checks and Praxis scores are not included on this site, but I will be more than happy to provide them for you and your search committee.  I hope you will find this website easily accessible, as well as informative. 

Please contact me via e-mail at the address below:

My Digital Portfolio:

Cover Letter

  Digital Resume

My Composition Website

My Current Performace Schedule

My Educational Philosophy

An Online Lesson
(Technology In The Classroom)

Related Arts Lesson Plan

Related Arts PowerPoint Presentaiton

Thai Lesson Plan

African Lesson Plan

My Piano Repertoire List
(includes major choral works performed)

Please view my technology portfolio, required for the technology portion of MUE 332 at West Chester University. On this website you will find: a review of a website designed for children, a review of a webquest, a review of a music software program, a sample of musical notation, as well as reflective logs from the technolgy portion of MUE 332. 

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