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Instructional Software

Evaluation Sheet

1. Citation and General Information:

Music Lessons II                                                                            
Todd Wallar and john Ellinger
MiBAC Music Software Inc.
Copyright 2000
Interval and Harmony Ear Training
Middle School - Early Undergraduate
Class applications
Description:  Individual practice and drill.

MacIntosh and PC
Necessary Peripherals:
MIDI and Speaker

2.  Instructional Content:

Musical Content
Chord Elements, Triads, Seventh Chords, Diminished Chords, Augmented Chords, Chord position
The program provides a set of pitches, students are then asked to label the type of interval or chord.  
Instructional Mode
Drill and Practice  & Discovery  
Program Structure
Computer Directed
Sequence of Materials The program begins with third relationships, chords, and seventh chords.  Each chord spelling section is followed by an aural spelling section.
Pace of Instruction
The pace begins at an intermediate level and intensifies as the program progresses.
Quality of Interaction
This program is an excellent application, and would serve as a great resource to any classroom.
Summary Comments
As a future educator, I would greatly enjoy having this program available in my classroom.

3.  Record Keeping:

Method of Record Keeping:
The program keeps track of each section, tallying the total score.                                                          
Summary Comments:
The clapping sound effect is a great asset to the scoring, and will build the student's confidence as they continue.  It would be beneficial if there were a way to save your scores as you go.  

4. Overall Evaluation:

MUSIC LESSONS II, Chords and Harmony by MiBAC is an amazing application, and has the potential to be an excellent resource to classrooms of intermediate level and above.  More complex sections of the program could be utilized by teachers to brush up on their aural skills as well.

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