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WebQuest Evaluation
This template is based on version 1.03 of the WebQuest Rubric as modified by Laura Bellofatto, Nick Bohl, Mike Casey, Marsha Krill, and Bernie Dodge and last updated on June 19, 2001.

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Name: Adam Haines
Date: 4/12/2005
Title WebQuest Evaluated:  Teen Music Webquest
URL of WebQuest Evaluated:

Score Explanation

Overall Aesthetics (This refers to the WebQuest page itself, not the external resources linked to it.)

Overall Visual Appeal
(0-4 pts.)

The webquest is set up in a basic webpage style, with multimedia accents. 

Navigation & Flow
(0-4 pts.)
 4  The site is easily navigated.  Links and sections are clearly labeled. 
Mechanical Aspects
(0-2 pts.)
 2  The site is effective, loads with ease, and the promised links are received.


Motivational effectiveness of Introduction (0-2 pts.)

The design of the webquest is rather bland.  The assignment involved in with the webquest lacks excitement.

Cognitive effectiveness of the Introduction
(0-2 pts.)

The task does not require a great deal of cognition.  Students are asked to simply locate websites and write about their experiences on those websites.

Task (The task is the end result of student efforts... not the steps involved in getting there.)

Connection of Task to Standards
(0-4 pts.)

The standards are clearly provided on the "assessment" section of the webquest.  Students are informed of their requirements and grading procedures prior to beginning the webquest.

Cognitive Level
of the Task
(0-6 pts.)

The task does not require a great deal of thought.  This assignment could easily be completed during a class period. 

Process (The process is the step-by-step description of how students will accomplish the task.)

Clarity of Process
(0-4 pts.)

The goals and assessment criteria are clearly labeled on the "assessments" page.

Scaffolding of Process
(0-6 pts.)
The assignments details are marked, and a breakdown of each paragraph in the essay is broken down. 

Richness of Process
(0-2 pts.)

The richness of this exercise is minimal.  Students will benefit little from the assignment. 

Resources (Note: you should evaluate all resources linked to the page, even if they are in sections other than the Resources block. Also note that books, video and other off-line resources can and should be used where appropriate.)

Relevance & Quantity of Resources
(0-4 pts.)

 3  The resources supplied are all relevant to the assignment.  On one hand there could be more resources provided, however the project goal is to have students conduct their own web research.

Quality of
(0-4 pts.)

The resources provided are beneficial to students taking part in the webquest.  Other sites may have been more beneficial to researchers, however, one of the main goals of the assignment is to promote student conducted web seaches.


Clarity of Evaluation Criteria
(0-6 pts.)

The evaluation criteria is clearly labeled, and students are able to readily access this material.

Total Score
(0-50 pts.)

Though the webquest lacks excitement and general creativity in the activity, it does provide a clear outline of the tasks and expectations of the project.  The website could use some polishing, however it is easily navigated and user friendly.  The site provides clear guidelines and procedures, and even aides students by providing the base of their assignments.  The design is visually attractive, but the overall challenge lacks cognitive challenge and motivation.