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Student Webpage Evaluation Form

Special thanks and credit to Cyberbee for the use of their model.

The Cyberbee tool has been adapted by Kristen A. Albert
for use in EDUC 632.

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Title: Children's Music Web  

Subject: Teacher, Student, Performer, and Parent Resources


Grade level: up to 8th grade

Objective for the use of this site: Students can explore webcasting, making CD's, sound effects, and creating their own radio shows.

Evaluation summary:  At a first glance, this web site appears to be an excellent resource to music educators and their students.  The site provides child safe materials and resources, while designed in a user-friendly and artistic way.  Students will enjoy the various cartoon graphics.  The web site provides links to Cd creators, web casting tools, sound effects, all of which are great resources.  However, when tested, most of the links do not provide the promised information.  Sites are not clearly marked, as to where the browser will be re-directed.  Though this site was created with good intentions, the graphics and fun design far outweigh the educational resources and content.




1. Speed

Score on a scale of 1 to 5

Support for score

  • The home page downloads efficiently enough to use during whole class instruction.

The site loaded extremely quickly, even on my Laptop PC while running on wireless internet. There are many activities for students to take part in on the web site, including a "create your own web show tool".

  • The home page downloads efficiently enough to keep students on task during independent/small group study.
 5  This site is an excellent resource for students working on a group or class level.  Teachers could easily assign groups to create their own CD, web show, or sound effects.


2.  First Impression/General Appearance

  • The home page is designed attractively and will entice my students to further exploration.
 5  The home page design uses many fun graphics, which will entice student's interests in the subject material.
  • The home page is designed clearly enough to be successfully manipulated by my intended users.
 5       Though the page is creative and visually appealing, students it remains user-friendly, with links labeled for teacher, student, performer, and parent resources.


3.  Ease of Site Navigation

  • My students will be able to move from page to page, link to link, item to item with ease, without getting lost or confused.
 5       Pages are clearly outlined, and provide clearly labeled web links.
  • All links are clearly labeled and serve an easily identified purpose.
All links are related to their topics, and provide clearly labeled hyper links.   
  • Links provided to other pages and sites operate efficiently enough to keep my students on task.
 2 Sites load quickly but the promised information is not always received.


4.  Use of Graphics/Sounds/Videos

  • The graphics/sounds/videos are clearly labeled and clearly identified.
 4  Multi-media is clearly labeled.
  • The graphics/sounds/videos serve a clear purpose appropriate for my intended audience.
 5  If the correct sites were reached, the promised multi-media would be an excellent resource tool.
  • The graphics/sounds.videos will aid my students in reaching the desired objectives for using this site.
 0  Since the promised links are not reached, the material cannot be of service to the students.

5.  Content/Information

  • This site offers a wealth of information related to my stated objectives.
 2  This site would have been been beneficial, had the links promised worked.
  • The information is clearly labeled and organized, and will be easily understood by my students.
 5  The information is crystal clear.
  • The content of linked sites is worthwhile and appropriate for my intended audience.
 0  The majority of linked sites do not produce the promised materials.
  • The web site is free of advertising that may be inappropriate for my intended audience.
 5 The web site is a "clean" site, and appropriate for all age groups.
  • The content of linked sites adds to the value of this site for achieving my instructional goals.
 2 Most linked sites do not cooperate.
  • The information providers are clearly identified.
The linked sites state the expected materials, however they do not state the authors or link names of the providers.
  • The information providers are reliable.
Most of the information is unobtainable.
  • The content is free of bias.  (or)
  • The content's bias is recognized as acceptable.
 5 The web page provides activities, as well as information for student, teacher, performer, and parent.   
  • The site provides interactivity which increases its instructional value.
 2 If every link worked, the site would be a great asset to the classroom.


6. Currency

  • The site was recently revised.
 0 There was no indication of site revision.

7.  Availability of Further Information

  • A contact person or address is readily available.
 5 An address is provided.
  • There is evidence that the author is a qualified expert.
 5  The web site only acknowledges the Blue Mountain School of Flyod, Virginia.

Scoring: 72

JJJJJ 110-101 points
This site is well designed and meets my instructional goals so effectively that I can provide my students with general instruction and allow free exploration.
JJJJ 100- 86 points
This site contains good material but a site map with specific directions will assist my students in reaching my stated objective.
JJJ 85-71 points
This site contains information that will make stops at designated points worthwhile, but students will need more structured guidance in order to reach instructional goals.  A list of bookmarks to specific pages and/or links is advisable, as is frequent discussion of student progress.
 JJ 70-56 points
Although useful information exists at this site, its most effective contribution to my objectives will be in whole-class instruction where I can guide exploration and keep students on task.
J 55-41 points
This site contains a few pieces of information that make it a possible alternative when other sources are not readily available.  Supervised student use is advised.