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Reflective Essay 2
The LoTi Framework and My Ability to Integrate
Technology into Music Education
            I entered the technology portion of MUE 332 having only dabbled with technology.  My goal for this course, as with any, was to advance my knowledge on the material covered, in this case technology. 
            In reference to the LoTi webpage, by Dr. Christopher Moersch, I began this course around level 4a or 4b.  After reviewing the LoTi web page, by Dr. Christopher Moersch, I believe my abilities to easily be at a level 6.    I feel began this course feeling confident in my ability to design handouts, tests, and packets by using word processing software.  I feel capable to aide students with digital presentations, using programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, by encouraging their own dabbling with various software programs and devices. 

During this course, my knowledge and ability to utilize technology for educational purposes grew rapidly.  Not only did I learn to create an effective webpage, link PDF files, and use PowerPoint, but I also created a highly effective online webquest.  The webquest focuses on the student, allowing students to be their own self-learning being.  The webquest fosters critical thinking through the use of the internet and Microsoft PowerPoint. 
My technology skills grew rapidly during this course. I was able to meet my own goals, as well as exceed the goals of the class.  Not only did I create my MUE 332 Technology Portfolio, but I also created a digital portfolio containing a resume and other documents.  I now feel highly capable and confident to effectively blend technology into my teaching as I embark on my professional career.