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MUE 332: Methods and Materials II- Technology

Adam Haines
Technology Portfolio
Spring 2005

Welcome to my website for the technology emphasis portion of MUE 332 at West Chester University. This electronic portfolio demonstrates my abilities to integrate technology with the teaching of music. You will find reflective essays linked to this page that demonstrate the growth over the semester of my ability to integrate technology in music education. Various artifacts linked from this page demonstrate my work in technology throughout the semester.

If you have any questions about my website, or the projects contained in this electronic portfolio, please contact me through e-mail at the following e-mail address:

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Artifacts and Essays

Contributions to the Online Lesson

My listserve Reflection

Week 15 reflection: My Growth in My Ability to Integrate

Technology (according to the LoTi framework)


Recommended links:

Website Name Website URL Short description
 Music Links for Kids  A great resource for students and educators, including an instrument encyclopedia, a music glossary, composition resource sites, and many other helpful tools for the music classroom.
 Music Notes  An online resource for the upper level music student. This site includes music theory, history, professions, styles, instruments, and games.  A great site for quick reference.
 Energy In the Air
 This website allows students to explore all instrument families.  A concise history of each instrument is provided, as well as an orchestral seating chart.